Let's see the base from which all our proposals come from. "Passenger cruises" - it sounds simple. But this one term includes the possibility of communing with nature, inspiration of the industrial climate and observation of the latest history of our city.

Price list:

An adult - PLN 29

Children up to 10 years old - PLN 15

Children under 3 years old - for free


The organization of passenger cruises assumes that we are taking our guests from a designated place. It can be Grodzka Island or Piast Boulevard or another point we will agree on. A single cruise lasts an hour with a wrap - accordingly longer - if previously agreed. We know the answers to all your questions about the views that move overboard.

On the route, waiting to impress you, there is: Szczecin Venice, gas tower, marina on the Grodzka Island, port, shipyard "Gryfia", elevator "Ewa", Wały Chrobrego and a lot of invisible corners from the land. If you want, you can plan the cruise yourself - it depends what you want to see and how much you stay in the kingdom of the Oder. Or maybe you would like to plan the evening so that a sunset spectacle will be part of it? It really depends on you. All this awaits our guests in an atmosphere of relaxation guaranteed by the gentle rocking of the Oder waters and professional cruise services. With PartyBoat you can admire Szczecin Venice, which is primarily a set of factory buildings on the Oder at the height of ul. Columbus. According to city plans, it will be restored and the historic buildings of the gas plant, alcohol factory and yeast plant growing out of the water will soon become an impressive decoration of our quays. Before this happens, it gives an real inspiration to ours travellers providing an industrial atmosphere unheard of elsewhere, which in a slightly different form but equally amazing intensity awaits you also during cruises around the Szczecin port.

What will stay in our guests' memory the most will not be flashbacks of the history of Szczecin, nor fantasies enhanced by the sounds of selected music, but the possibility of rest. In fact, it stands behind the part of our offer with the title "Conferences" but before you get acquainted with it, it is worth paying attention to a few facts. The rest process requires that the right conditions are met, and although each of us can ensure them, the stress of everyday life and concern for the future often destroy this much-needed mechanism. Meanwhile, the relaxation necessary to induce relaxation enables the presence of ... Yes, large water reservoirs. We like to spend free time at the seaside, lake or kayaking for a reason. Therefore, we can say that we do not guarantee a good mood during the adventure with Party Boat, but it is provided by the river, which at the height of Szczecin has a width suitable for the needs of separation from problems and distress and therapeutic effect. Thanks to this, the Passenger Cruises program developed by our specialists is a peculiar combination of adventure and convalescence from the hustle and bustle of civilization. The power of buildings interspersed with the gentleness of the wave and the amazingness of the port and urban buildings collided with the scenery of wild nature will make you leave the deck calm, relaxed and smiling. In your photo collections will remain paintings of age-old trees, raw buildings, waterfowl and your friends. And memories that will wake up every time you look at them will always move you.

By the way, it is necessary to remark that Party Boat has one important feature - we are able to influence where other vessels will have difficulties, so we are located under bridges on the Odra River, and our maneuverability ensures visiting inaccessible places both from land and from ordinary decks passenger ships.