A good party is above all a good plan and the right setting. Private apartment does not always accommodate all guests, and the clubs in the city do not quite meet the needs, because of the presence of the strangers or by dictating the day. Meanwhile, Party Boat does not have such restrictions. First of all - only your company is on board! You can spend time listening to the background music or invite a DJ. If you don't have this option, we'll definitely find the right one. Sounds in retro style or new sounds. Sentimental journey or the most fashionable hits. Or maybe a combination of vintage and modernity?

Price list


CATAMARAN 1 with upper deck

Party on a Party Boat - 1h - PLN 599,00

Party on a Party Boat - 2h - PLN 1099,00

Party on a Party Boat - 3h - PLN 1499,00


CATAMARAN 2 without upper deck

Party on a Party Boat - 1h - PLN 499,00

Party on a Party Boat - 2h - PLN 999,00

Party on a Party Boat - 3h - PLN 1399,00


You can plan and build a party on a Party Boat from scratch. At your disposal is an excellent sound system, spatial organization of two decks, synchronous lighting configuration, furniture available as needed. Just say how you want to have fun - we'll suggest the rest. Ergonomic compositions of catering tables, complexity of the bar offer, multimedia support of the dance floor, and whatever you choose, we guarantee that you may notice the movement of the Oder waters over our sides, but you will certainly not feel the passage of time. We have a lot of experience in organizing events, meetings, dance events, chamber music concerts and business lunches. We accept orders for the organization and transportation of jubilees, birthdays and family gatherings. When contacting us, do not forget to ask about the offer for families with children - we work with experienced decorators and experts in the field of decor, thanks to which we provide the youngest with a fantastic adventure. Of course, there is no obstacles from providing you with a party animator at an adult party. Nowhere is said that a good party is just music, dance and catering - it's also quizzes, competitions and themed games. All of this is gaining attractiveness on the Party Boat deck thanks to the sense of space and the calming effect of the presence of the river.