Meetings in conference rooms are becoming less and less popular these days. Their place is taken by teleconferences and webinars, but the soullessness of technology quite often destroys the assumed effects of meetings. Alternative solutions are increasingly being sought, including going outside the company building and giving up technical organization of group relations.

Price list


CATAMARAN 1 with upper deck

Party Boat Event - 1h - PLN 599,00

Party Boat Event - 2h - PLN 1099,00

Party Boat Event - 3h - PLN 1499,00


CATAMARAN 2 without upperdeck

Party Boat Event - 1h - PLN 499,00

Party Boat Event - 2h - PLN 999,00

Party Boat Event - 3h - PLN 1399,00


Together with our knowledge about the impact of nature and space on the quality of group dynamics, we meet the expectations of managerial staff as well as training companies and institutions. We offer access to the Party Boat deck for company and training meetings. 

A lot of help in their organization is our multimedia equipment that meets the needs of presentations supporting lectures, training and other types of meetings. The 50 inch monitor, sound system and lighting system enable company summary meetings, conferences, managerial staff meetings, negotiation meetings, psychological workshops, interpersonal trainings, marketing meetings and many other meetings. For similar occasions, we plan special cruise routes so as to relieve the minds of participants - trips along the Odra quays allow our guests to catch the distance required to make decisions and to thoroughly evaluate imprinted training materials or presentations.

Our guests are working while relaxing. The presence of space and nature is conducive to relaxation, which alleviates many processes initiated during conferences and meetings, also strengthens the sense of security and thus distance to the world, which is so necessary during mental and interpersonal training as well as psychological workshops and training. Importantly, for some companies, no one can leave the meeting "in English" during the cruise. Nothing prevents you from joining a company conference or business meeting with a lunch or music event.